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EAST PHOENIX INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has over 50 years of manufacturing experience. This gives us the edge over our competitors when providing friendly and efficient services to our customers.We are specialized in indoor and outdoor swimming products and diving products.Major products : Swimming goggles, Swimming caps, Diving mask, Snorkels, diving fins, Accessories and many more.Most of our product are made from SILIOCN, PVC, TPR, LATEX, PC, PU, PE... ( more » )

Company Profile
Brand Triton, HI5
Business Type Exporter, Manufacturer, OEM
Main Export Product(s) Diving Scuba products, Dive Knife, Swimming products, ACCESSORIES, OEM products,MIT Swim Dive Product, Swim Goggles,Swimming Goggles Glasses, Swim Gear, Dive Mask Scuba, Snorkels, Fins, Surf Fins,Snorkeling
Main Export Market(s) ASIA, MID-EAST, EUROPE, AFRICA, N-AMERICA, S-AMERICA, AUSTRALASIA, United States, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, ROC, Israel, Iran, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Hungary, Poland, Egypt, Canada, Brazil, Czech Republic, Italy
Approval / Certification IAPMO Certificate, ISO 9002, ISO9002
Membership Taiwan Synthetic Resins Manufacturers Association, The Best of Made-in-Taiwan - Swimwear, The Best of Made-in-Taiwan - Towels