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Genflow Blood/Fluid Warmer

Model No
Approval / Certification
EEC, CE, ISO13485, GMP
Main Export Market
Made in
Taiwan, ROC

Blood/Fluid Warmer
Key Features

The FIW -4150 is an electronic controlled dry heat warmer which supplies external heat to the plastic tubing incorporated in intravenous administration sets.  The IV set tubing is embedded in the 'S' shaped groove in the aluminum heating plate with a cover to affect the warming process.  The warmer is designed to accept tubes with diameter from 4.1 to 5.0 mm


  • Digital temperature display – view warmer temperature at a glance
  • Automatic regulation – Temperature of the warming plate is adjusts electronically to the desired temperature of the fluid.
  •  No disposables – Special warming bags or coils are not required.
  • Short tube length required- short heating tube length necessitates minimal tubing between the patient and the preparation.
  • Quick set-up - The tube is easily inserted into the warmer; no extra fittings required.
  • Rapid warm-up – Ready to use in 5 minutes.
  • Safe Performance – Protection from overheating,electric shock and contamination.
  • High durability – Simple construction and shock resistant casing.
  • Mounting strap – Hang warmer on the IV stand


Operating temperature:

27°C - 37°C (80.6°F – 98.6°F) *

Flow rate:

1 ~ 12 ml / min

Safety features:

Fluid, heater, heating plate safety cut-offs, the rmo-fuse cut-off.


185 (L) x 65 (W) x 45 (H) mm; 506g


Fluid temperature is affected by initial fluid temperature, room temperature, flow rate and diameter of the tube set used.