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Genflow Blood/Fluid Warmer featured

Model No
Approval / Certification
EEC, CE, ISO13485
Made in
Taiwan, ROC

Blood/Fluid Warmer
Key Features
  • Digital temperature display – view warmer temperature at a glance

  • Automatic regulation – Temperature of the warming plate is adjusted electronically to the desired temperature of the fluid.

  • No disposables – Special warming bags or coils are not required.

  • Short tube length required- short heating tube length necessitates minimal tubing between the patient and the preparation.

  • Quick Set-Up - The tube is easily inserted into the warmer; no extra fittings required..

  •  Rapid Warm-Up – Ready to use in 5 minutes.

  • Safe Performance – Protection from overheating, electric shock and contamination.

  • High durability – Simple construction and shock resistant casing.

  • Mounting strap – Hang warmer on the IV stand

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