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Welcome to our company website-Huluck Feng International Co.,Ltd. Since 1990,we established this company,started in Screws,Fasteners,and Golf business.With our innovation,and technology,we move into pipe fitting field,and machine parts. Our goal is to make more good ,and safety products to share the whole world. In 2005,we developed the Honeycomb glass clamp,which owned the patent in Germany,UK,China and Taiwan. We are keeping on searching an... ( more » )

Company Profile
Brand SANBEECLE / 真心 / 賞蜜口
Business Type Exporter, Manufacturer, OEM
Main Export Product(s) golf,pipe fitting,fasten,screws related product. SANBEECLE brand related products.authorized product.series of products.
Main Export Market(s) EUROPE, United States, Australia, Mainland China, Japan, Taiwan, ROC, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy
Membership Machinery, Various Small Industries, Taiwan Women's Business Network