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Taipei International Electronics Show set for October

Asian Art Biennial "Artist Making Movement" kicks off at NTMoFA

Taiwan’s Trade Delegation to the 47th Swaziland International trade Fa ...

TAITRONICS will paint Taipei GREEN 10/6-9

Taiwan remains 10th largest trading partner of U.S.

Taiwan to grant entrepreneur visas to foreign nationals


About Us

Running a personal business has become an inevitable trend among women around the world. Governments and major economic & trade organizations are sparing no effort to create an equitable and conducive environment for women to establish new businesses, and advance related policies as well as assistance programs. Such measures will enable women to take care of both family and career, and further contribute their virtues – such as perseverance and discretion – to the development of society.

  The Most Valued and Fair-Priced Products of Taiwan : Spicyholic

Established in 2006, Yi-Mo International started out as an online store that sold women’s clothing. Due to fierce price-wars in the market and not willing to sacrifice quality, Yi-Mo transformed and established its own brand of SPICYHOLIC, featuring sexy and bold colors that received great market-responses and acquired a footing in the online market of mid-price women’s clothing. In 2011, SPICYHOLIC established its own sales platform that improved brand-awareness and the comfort in shopping, and more and more physical stores were also established. The constant growth also allows the company to expand its sales to overseas markets. Accessing the high-quality services offered by Taiwan Trade, SPICYHOLIC is entering the European market one step at a time. Having grown and developed in the trend of online shopping, Yi-Mo International is entering the world with other Taiwanese brands and once again putting high-quality Taiwanese clothing in the global market.